In a sunny Minnesota garden, across the Atlantic the beautiful Cannelle aka Melissa Oliveri created these beautiful photos of the Cinderella cut Leonora dress from our ‘Stars and Soul Birds’ – Romany Mantra collections of handmade clothing.

This collection is created by pattern cutters in India using traditional techniques from ethically sourced and fairly traded vintage silk saris. With the Sinti and Romany heritage harking back to Indian ancestry, these floaty, one of a kind, ethical garments are both eco-conscious and honour cultural elements of both Indian and Romany styling, and celebrate Unity and Individuality. A small donation from each garment purchased goes towards the Traveller Movement UK, assisting Irish, Roma and Gypsy Travellers with education, dealing with hate crime, health, law and general support.

These beautiful photographs are modelled by Melissa Oliveri

Photography and Fashion Styling : Melissa Oliveri

Editing: Kathey at The Foxes Curiosity Cabinet

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Melissa wears Leonora – Cinderella cut midi dress from the Romany Mantra ‘Stars and Soul Birds’ Collection.

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